Can't figure this out.

I'm using EE2 and I have a channel called products and I'm on a single product page. I have a relationship field for products set up called featured_products, which I am displaying in a list. I can do that fine. They're basically related products.

I, then, want to have a see more button that displays another list of ALL other products (siblings), EXCEPT that list should exclude the ones that are already in featured_products.

I tried using siblings, to no avail:

    entry_id="not {entry_id}

and that didn't work because I guess "field" is the only siblings arg.

I tried using an embed and doing something like:


and then in that embed had something like

{exp:channel:entries channel="products" entry_id="not {embed:notproducts}"}

which for reasons I can't understand, only showed one product, the product whose page I was on.

Pretty sure I'm just approaching this wrong. HALP!


Your embed solution should work, but you probably need to add dynamic="no" to the channel entries call (see docs).



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