I have an code snippet embedded in one of my pages, that will disappear, and then, if I go into EE, open the template, see that yes it is there, and close the template, then it’s there again on the website. So weird.

Page: https://brookechao.com/about

It’s a website content reader. When it shows up, it’s an orange button right next to the heading text of the page.

The code is this:

<script async src="https://widget.websitevoice.com/wBI4odpYGBtGcKfXUCgasg"></script>
  window.wvData=window.wvData||{};function wvtag(a,b){wvData[a]=b;}
  wvtag('id', 'wBI4odpYGBtGcKfXUCgasg');
  wvtag('gender', 'female');
  wvtag('text-selector', 'article, .post-content, .blog-body, .post_content, .content, .section,.wsv-audio');
  wvtag('widget-style', {
    className: 'wv-circle-small',
    backgroundColor: '#F5953E',
    tooltipText: 'Audio Version of Content'
  • Not clear what this has to do with EE - looks like a question about your javascript. Perhaps you could clarify your question? Mar 30, 2019 at 1:14

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I figured it out. That include was a copy of another include, and so permissions were reset to none. Meaning no one could see it, but if I logged in to check the templates involved, suddenly it would reappear (because I was logged in as a SuperAdmin).

Setting the permissions seems to have fixed the issue.

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