In upgrading an ExpressionEngine site from 3.x to 5.2.3, I am switching from using Freeform Classic to Freeform Pro 1.7.12.

In Freeform Classic, there was a Freeform fieldtype where you could set the return path individually per entry (http://docs.solspace.com/expressionengine/freeform/classic/getting-started/channel-entry-fieldtype.html). In the new version of Freeform, while that fieldtype exists, I cannot find that same return path functionality (http://docs.solspace.com/expressionengine/freeform/v1/overview/channel-fieldtype.html#creating-a-freeform-field).

Does this feature still exist in the new version of Freeform?

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Unfortunately this currently isn't possible. It's on our list to add support for it in the future however. The only workaround right now would be to have a regular EE Field that contains a list of Form's and ID's/short names and another field for Return URL. You could then pass off the short_name and return URL to the Render tag:




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