EE 5.2.2

Using the {exp:channel:calendar} tag, I'm not able to get custom fields from within the {entries} tag.


{exp:channel:calendar channel="showtimes"}
    {if entries}
            {title} // does show
            {showtime} // a custom text field, does not show

There also isn't any problem calling things like author or entry_date, but my custom fields are not showing and it's vital that they do.

Thanks for any help!

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The calendar tag doesn't support custom fields. Either use a channel:entries tag, or something like the Solspace Calendar module if you need more flexibility with things like recurring dates.

  • Good answer! From this I tested putting a channel entry tag inside the if entries conditional based on the entry_id like so: {if entries} {entries} {exp:channel:entries channel="showtimes" entry_id="{entry_id}" show_future_entries="yes"} {movies:title} {/exp:channel:entries} {/entries} {/if} And that appears to be working just fine. Thanks so much!
    – Shayne
    Commented Jun 6, 2019 at 21:06

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