Looking for a Freeform replacement for EE5 - as I understand it Freeform (my usual go-to) is now a commercial add-on so looking for a replacement/equivalent solution. Does not need tons of complex functionality - just basic fields and an anti-Spam Captcha capability.

What is the - free - add-on of choice here?

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I am not aware of a free alternative for the freeform add-on.

A simpler alternative would be to use FormGrab from brandnewbox which currently is free, but appears to be licensed as a commercial product - which provides the ability to turn regular HTML forms into ones that talk to the EE database.

FormGrab does not have a captcha module built in, but although not free if you want this you are much better off spending USD29 on a copy of snaptcha - a very simple to use add-on that provides good spam protection without any visible captcha fields.



There is also the Express edition of Freeform, which allows for 1 simpler form with a lot of the advanced functionality available to it. It's not free, but it's $49 compared to $99 for the Lite edition. :)


You can use forms with basic EE functionality, like Channel Form.


Basically create a channel, then allow users on your website to add/edit to it, using forms.

If it's a contact form you're looking for, EE also has a native solution.


You could use reCAPTCHA for free as anti-spam.


FreeForm Pro combines all of that conveniently, but if you're looking to save money and your needs are minimal, you can use those other methods.

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