[EDIT: I was able to answer my question. Answer posted below.]

EE 5.2.4

I have a class that will query an API using item ID and return data for that item.

I am aware that this structure:


will return the value for this:

class My_class {

  function my_method () {

    // content


However, what I need to do is pass an argument to the class method for each entry within a channel, like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel='products'}
    {exp:my_class:my_method arguments='{product_asin}'}

would return a value from the class method for each product entry:

class My_class {

  function my_method ($asin) {

    // query api based on $asin values passed from the template


It's quite possible I'm missing something in this part in the docs, as they are quite elaborate regarding add-on classes and methods, so I'm hoping someone will just know from experience how to do something like {exp:my_class:my_method arguments='{product_asin}'}.


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I have found the answer to this.

In the template:

{exp:my_class:my_method asin='{product_asin}'}

In the class:

class My_class {

  function my_method () {

    $asin = ee()->TMPL->fetch_param('asin');
    return 'my asin is: ' . $asin;



On the frontend this renders:

my asin is: [product asin]

So what you have to do is define your parameter in the template asin='{product_asin}' and then fetch it in your method $asin = ee()->TMPL->fetch_param('asin');.

Thanks, me. Oh, you're welcome!


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