According to the EE doc, within a channel entries tag you can search a grid field as long as the field color is set to "yes" for Include in search.

I have bot he Grid field and the individual column set to yes, but don't get results when I definitely should. In the example below, there is a Grid titled "product_application" and one of 3 fields with the title "partno".

{exp:channel:entries channel="models" search:partno="={segment_3}"}

Has anyone run into difficulties with this?



To use search parameter in Grid you have to add search parameter in grid fieldtype not in Channel entries tag. You can get more information from below example. https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/fieldtypes/grid.html#searchcolumn_name

{grid_field search:partno="search_value"}

I hope this will works for you. Thanks!

  • That worked perfectly. Thank you. I looked over that several times in the docs and completely mis-read what I needed to do. – R. Kern Aug 5 '19 at 10:26

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