I have a single entry page that has a child category selected only (not the parent just the child selected)

I have a Solspace Calendar event entry which has the same child category selected.

Is there a way to display the calendar events with the same child category selected on the single entry page?

Single entry page template: domain.com/candidate/url-title

{embed="events/candidates_events" calendar_id="{calendar_id}"}

Embed Template:

   status="not Closed|Private" 
       <a href="{exp:transcribe:uri  path='events'}/{event_id}/">
       ({event_start_date format="%F %j, %Y"})
       <br />
       {event_summary} - 
       <a href="{exp:transcribe:uri  path='events'}/{event_id}/">
            Learn More
       <br />
       <br />
    {if no_results}

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I'm not so familiar with Solspace Calendar, but it seems version 1 (which I guess you must be using, as the calendar:cal tag was dropped for version 2 and beyond) supports use of the parameter category=. So presumably you can grab the ID of the child category you are using and pass that value to your calendar:cal tag.

Also, there is a typo in your code - I think your parameter dynamic="on" is really meant to be dynamic="no".


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