I've just upgraded an EE3.5.17 site using Transcribe/Navee up to EE5.3.0.

Also Navee has been upgraded up to the latest 3.1.19 version (along with Transcribe now on latest version 3.5.1).

We have chinese language sub pages on the site using Navee Nodes for the sub pages navigation etc.

The chinese pages loaded up ok under the original EE3 site, however now under the EE5 upgrade we get various errors on these chinese sub pages such as:

preg_match(): Unknown modifier '\'

user/addons/navee/models/navee_mod.php, line 709

Severity: E_WARNING


preg_match(): No ending delimiter '/' found

user/addons/navee/models/navee_mod.php, line 962

Severity: E_WARNING

Can anyone help with this?

Many thanks in advance :-)



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