I want to take json data and put it in my template. Actually i am using angular2react package to use angularjs code in my reactjs project

This is my component: const component= { template :<input type=\"number\" ng-model=\"size\" name=\"size\" min=\"0\" max=\"10\" integer />{{size}}<br />


export default component;

This is the json data:

"modelView": { "components": [ { "resource": "virtualDomains.StudentCourseList", "name": "Testingpageresource", "type": "resource", "staticData": [] }, { "components": [ { "allowDelete": false, "components": [ { "readonly": false, "name": "Testingpageblock_grid_text", "model": "SCBCRSE_CRSE_NUMB", "label": "Testingpageblock_grid_text", "loadInitially": true, "type": "text", "parameters": {}, "validation": {}, "required": false }, { "readonly": false, "name": "Testingpageblock_grid_child_2", "model": "SCBCRSE_EFF_TERM", "label": "Testingpageblock_grid_child_2", "loadInitially": true, "type": "text", "parameters": {}, "validation": {}, "required": false } ], "onSave": "alert(\"Something\");", "onError": "{{size}}
", "allowNew": true, "pageSize": 5, "loadInitially": true, "type": "grid", "name": "Testingpageblock_grid", "allowModify": true, "model": "Testingpageresource", "allowReload": true, "parameters": {} }

I need the onError data and need to put it in the template to be able to use for angular2react

  • I got the solution for this. But if Someone finds a solution please respond because it can be better than mine Feb 11 '20 at 9:25

It's good to start with what version of EE you're working with so we all know.

I'm not familiar with the angularjs package you're using, but I know how to get tag data into your templates.

First you need an add-on that is installed where you can work with your json object in php and parse into tagdata. (if you don't have this there's a whole process that I can go over with you)

Assuming the class for this method is named My_class, you would have a method within it that looks something like this:

function get_on_error_tagdata ( $json ) {
    $object = json_decode( $json, true );
    $variables = array();
    foreach ( $object['onError'] as $key => $value ) {
        $variables[$key] = $value
    return ee()->TMPL->parse_variables_row( ee()->TMPL->tagdata, $variables );

Now, I'm not sure how you're getting your $json object in the first place, but assuming you already have it you'll have to work with it to make sure it's parsed into the $variables array properly, but once you have that you'll be able to access those values on the frontend like this:


You can also pass values to your class using that tag as well by adding my_value='{whatever data you want the class to have}' inside the opening tag and inside of your method add $value = ee()->TMPL->fetch_param('my_value');

I hope this helps.

  • Thanks a lot, I will try it out myself Feb 14 '20 at 4:38

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