We have two servers running identical instances of an EE 5.2.4, using PHP 7.x via IIS. Our production machine works fine, no issues. Our backup server is the issue.

On the backup server: I can log into CP with no issues, and once logged in, I can view the site and all's well. If I'm not logged in / authenticated, I get the white screen of death. I've enabled debugging, and set $debug = 2 in index.php, so that everyone can see any errors (nothing shown), checked all debug options in CP, I've checked PHP logs, MySql logs, Event Viewer, everything I can think of. No errors are shown. Today I started commenting out template sections out of desperation, with no luck.

Clearly, something is different between the two servers. Is there anything obvious that I'm overlooking that would be bypassed when an admin is logged in, while viewing the site that would trigger for a non-authenticated user? Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

  • $debug = 1 is how you show all errors from your index.php. To my knowledge, $debug = 2 won't set anything; look at the bottom of your index.php file where it references Set the error reporting level. Ref: github.com/ExpressionEngine/ExpressionEngine/blob/5.3.0/… – jrothafer Mar 24 at 8:07
  • I tried that last week. It was one of my first steps to figure this out. I can't recall why I tried $debug = 2 at this point, but I did that over the weekend. Do you know of any process that would pertain only to non-authenticated users and would not readily throw an error? – Poultry in Motion Mar 24 at 8:33
  • Have you tried disabling all extensions? Just shooting in the dark here a little, I don't work with IIS professionally so I can't comment on running on a Windows environment. – jrothafer Mar 24 at 9:05
  • I once accidentally set a template group to the site default, and this happened to me (its index template was blank). Probably not your issue, but worth a look. – jphansen 2 days ago
  • @jphansen, thanks! I inherited this site, so definitely worth a look. I'm still digging into it. I'm curious as to how/if EE limits the domain names that can be directed to it. For instance, if I access an EE site at a.com, but then point b.com to the same IP address, what should the outcome be? Will that white screen as well? I'll keep testing. Thanks for your response! – Poultry in Motion yesterday

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