I have an educational directory with many daily visitors. Is coded in EE V 5.3.

Parents are our visitors. They use our site as it has great content (all schools in one place to compare).

  • Schools are our customers (Advertising, priority in listings, etc)
  • Parents search for schools and browse listings, school details as well as use an app that allows them to filter schools according to their need.

I am looking for some EE Addon or SaaS software to integrates into our website that allows us to register every time a school is seen by a parent using a tracking code.

Then, I would need to be able to present that information to the schools in their backend, so that they can know:

  • How many times parents browsed the information sheet of the school.
  • How many times was it shown in the listings.
  • How many times was it shown in the results of the app.
  • Etc.

"Tracker" (DevDemon now EEHarbor) used to help in EE 2.

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