I'm trying to just show child categories of a specific parent and have used GW Code Categories in the past.

I would just pass the category ID to GW Code and voila!

Now that GW Code Categories is not supported in the latest version of EE (5.3.2), how can I replicate the same functionality?

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You have three options depending on what actually you are doing...

  1. Use a fork of GWCode updated for EE5 - here
  2. Use category construct - an add-on with similar abilities
  3. Use URL-Helper - only works on segments but does the job in many cases: can map slugs to categories based on name or category ID.


PS - To get better answers it helps if you can add information about what version of EE you are using (and sometimes what version of php)... thanks!

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    Thank you! The fork of GWCode works great. Didn't know that existed. And you are absolutely right. I should have provided the version of EE. Thanks again!
    – mediapimp
    Jul 23, 2020 at 16:41

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