Recently, I upgraded EE v2.9 website to EE v5.3.2 which is multi-language website managed with Publisher. I am facing problem after upgrade. None of custom fields like Textarea, RTE etc populating content.

Another problem is that NavEE is being used to managed navigation and I can't find EE5 ported version for add-on Publisher NavEE Support

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The issue with fields not populating will be hard to diagnose without you providing more information about how the fields were defined and how you are trying to access them / include in templates.

As for the Publisher / NavEE support - wasn't too hard to find this on the BoldMinded site, which is indicated as working with EE4/5.

If this doesn't work with EE5, I'd get in touch with BoldMinded and see what they suggest.

  • Thanks @JCOGS - Yes, I found that add-on "Publisher - NavEE Support" but unfortunately doesn't seem working with EE5. So decided to go with Publisher + Structure. Sep 19, 2020 at 13:36

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