I am undertaking a rather complex upgrade from 2 to 5 and one of the things my current ee2 site relies on is the routing stuff on index.php being commented out as we have a couple custom controllers installed in /system/expressionengine/controllers.

//$routing[‘directory’] = ”;
//$routing[‘controller’] = ‘ee’; 
//$routing[‘function’] = ‘index’;

If I comment this stuff out in ee5 I get “Error: Unable to load the requested controller.”

I have loaded my custom controllers from ee2 into the ee5 system/ee/legacy/controllers folder but still get the error. IS there a different method of accomplishing this in ee5? I have looked just about everywhere on the web regarding this and am coming up short.

Anything to do with controllers in the ee5 docs is only about addon development.

Any help would really be appreciated.


Mike Keller

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