My client needs to display the status of an order, so using relationship channel of order_statuses.

The list of order statuses should be shown as:

  • Order recieved
  • Status 2
  • [TICK] Status 3
  • Status 4
  • Status 5
  • Order Complete

The tick shows that the order is at a specific point in the process...

I could probably use statuses, but need it to sit within a channel to give me more flexibility over what it can store. eg. status icon etc.

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I'd use an embed template inside the product to call all your "status" entries:

Product template example

{exp:channel:entries channel="products"}
    <!-- products title -->

    <!-- call embed template with status id as reference -->
    {embed="my_group/my_embed_template" the_status_id="{status_relationship_field:entry_id}"}


Embed template example:

<!-- loop through all statuses -->
{exp:channel:entries channel="order_statuses" dynamic="no"}
    <!-- compare order statuses entry id with embed reference from product -->
    {if entry_id == '{embed:the_status_id}'}<img src="{status_icon}">{/if} 
    <!--  orders status title -->

Something like that!

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