I'm trying to achieve an import with datagrab with the following field construction:

A grid, and inside a grid I have a column with a relationship field (and some other normal text field inputs in the other columns).

When I import a csv, it looks like Datagrab doesn't process these relationship fields at all inside a grid. Whereas standalone relationship fields do seem to import fine.

Am I missing something? Is there any way to import a relationship inside a grid or do I actually need to hack Datagrab or create custom extension code for it?

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This is one that really you should direct to the author of Datagrab... it is quite possible though that the add-on does not support the importing of relationships within grids.

The datagrab web site suggests there is a support forum for such requests, but that appears to be offline, so the alternatives to fill in the contact form or send in an email (address given on contact page).


PS - in passing, good practice is to include information in a question about the version of EE that you are using, and of any add-on you are asking about - to make it easier for people to answer; there are significant differences between versions of EE, and in some add-ons etc.

  • Thanks for the reply! Yeah I tried to ask the Datagrab team directly but after two weeks and several attempts to get a reaction from them was getting no results sadly. So asking it here was my last resort, kind of.
    – Truong
    Commented Oct 28, 2020 at 16:08

Not a full solution, but when Datagrab doesn't support some types of field data I import data into a temporary textarea field or two, then go through entries one by one and update. It doesn't take long to do with a couple of hundred entries, but if you have thousands of entries you might need to set aside a few days!

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