Is there a way to auto populate the Title field with current date? Basically Im wondering if the Title field can be auto- filled in with the current date when creating a new entry. EE 6

  • As a general rule you will get a more informative answer to your question if you follow a couple of simple principles: give some details of the version of EE that you are working with (and possibly what hosting environment); and give some contextual information about the issue you are having - for example in this case is this when entering / editing a channel entry in the Control Panel or some other circumstance? Jan 24, 2021 at 13:39

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Install the free MX CP CSS & JS add-on and add the following code to the JS field in the settings of the add-on:

    var currentDate = Date.now();
    var today = new Date(currentDate);
    var dateString = today.toLocaleDateString();
    var titleField = $('input[name="title"]');
    var url = $(location).attr('href');

    if(titleField.length && url.indexOf('/cp/publish/create/') > 0) {
        titleField.val(dateString  + " ");

It will populate the title field with the current date with a trailing space.

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