I am getting the error while uninstalling the Addon in EE6.

"exp_module_member_groups' doesn't exist"

  • Questions about add-ons are easier to answer if you include the version number of the add-on in your question. Jul 7 '21 at 15:26

If the add-on has version that's EE6-compatible (and it's available to you), you should first update it and then uninstall.

Having said that, removing record from exp_module_member_groups is usually the last step for uninstall, so if you see add-on removed for the list then you're probably good to go.


In EE6, exp_module_member_groups table is now renamed as exp_module_member_roles

look like the addon is not compatible with EE6. You have to rename the table exp_module_member_groups to exp_module_member_roles in the upd file of the addon.

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