I need a contact form users can use to send an inquiry to an email provided with a list of multiple events. The email address is not visible to the public, but is provided with the channel entry for each event. The field for this address is {contact_email}.

I built a form that successfully sends a copy of the email notification to our office email (Admin Recipients), but not to the intended primary recipients.

Here is the opening to the form:

{exp:freeform_next:form form_name="contact_acim_group_host" required="firstname|lastname|email|email_confirm" matching_fields="email|email_confirm" return="http://www.pathwaysoflight.org/acim_groups/thank_you" recipients="{contact_email}" admin_notify="[email protected]" user_notification_template="group_info_request" user_notify="{contact_email}" template="contact_acim_group_host" }

The template contains the following fields: 1st name; last name; comments (text area).

The subject of the notification email is set with this line:

<input type="hidden" id="subject" name="subject" size="40" value="Request for information about your ACIM study group."

What am I missing?

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You can set up a notification for this. In the notification recipient field enter the email field with curly braces that you want to use, e.g. {contact_email}

  • I tried this, but it did not send an email to the recipient. Perhaps it is because the 'contact_email' field is within an EE Grid field. Here is what I entered: recipients="yes" recipients="{contact_email}" recipient_notification_template="group_info_request" recipient_notify="{contact_email}"
    – user2705
    Feb 28 at 16:04

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