Im on Expression engine 7 now. Im trying check template variable for condition. like so:

{if site_logo_path != ""}
    <img src="{site_logo_path}">
    <h1>Site Name</h1>

Im tryed:

{if {site_logo_path} != ""}
{if "{site_logo_path}" != ""}
{if '{site_logo_path}' != ""}

No one is working correctly. If site_logo_path is empty string or url always displays second rule with h1.

Thanks for your attention. Regards.

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Does your {site_logo_path} is a normal variable or it come from a layout:set?

Did you try {if !site_logo_path} ?

  • Thanks for ypur reply. Its normal template variable and i use it in layout. And yes, im tried that.
    – soulilya
    Commented Feb 14 at 18:51
  • Does {site_logo_path} output something by itself?!
    – Benoit L
    Commented Feb 15 at 19:42

Where is {site_logo_path} coming from?

Is it a layout variable?

{layout:set name="site_logo_path"}/some/path/file.png{/layout:set}

If so you would use in your if statement:


Is it a channel field?

{exp:channel:entries channel="some_channel"}

If so, it needs to be wrapped in a channel entries loop like above.

Is it a global template variable?

Then what you have tried should've worked.

Is it a template partial?

Then I don't think you can evaluate it in an if statement.


If it's like you want to show path then you can try this

{if site_logo_path && site_logo_path != ""}
Your condition to show logo
show else 

This should do the trick. If this does not work, let me know what is your purpose and I will help you.

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