Important question from the jump since I may have terribly misunderstood something:

Does "Transcribe" on EEHarbor automatically translate content or do you have to manually translate the words and copy-paste them/create variables yourself?

EDIT: Yeah, there is no translation feature in this add-on. I'll likely be looking at Publisher which does explicitly offer auto-translation.

That aside, I find myself at a loss in implementing this add-on. I've already read through the documentation, but I need my hand held here in a major way.

I've installed it, created the default language English (en) and second language Spanish (es). I created a test page in English, and related it to a test page in Spanish. I created a template:

{exp:transcribe:entries channel="general"}




And I can view both of my test entries using that template. However, the content is 1:1 - both in English. Which is not what I was expecting from: "Transcribe handles everything from word/phrase translation to channel entry translations..."

This is a pre-existing site with MANY existing entries. Transcribe's documentation states it has a work-around for that scenario, which only links to the Tag Reference page. And at least at the moment, the terminology used on that page is so vague and circular that I can't make heads or tails of what I'm supposed to use - the same general framework as what I have above? Or do I use {exp:transcribe:language} or {exp:transcribe:translate} and does that mean I need to create 2 templates for each language or just 1? Please please just give a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

Or, I guess, if my initial assumption is wrong - what's everyone using to translate their sites first?

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Transcribe does not translate. It is more of a multilingual content management addon.

It gives you the means of adding languages to a site, and fields to store said language content. It does require the site owner to input the translated content.

  • Well, that's disappointing... I feel a bit misled, though glad this was included in an add-on bundle and I didn't purchase it separately. Thank you for your answer.
    – SenFen
    Mar 7 at 18:43
  • For machine/AI translation you might try JCOGS Auto-Translate: expressionengine.com/add-ons/ee-auto-translate Mar 7 at 18:45
  • Oh, that's a lot cheaper than Publisher, too. Thanks!
    – SenFen
    Mar 7 at 18:48

Just a note: Publisher does not auto-translate either. Like Transcribe, Publisher is more of a multilingual manager, not a means of auto-translation.

Before you dismiss either one, just be aware there's power in both, as they offer an admin user interface for language manuage, template tags, variables. And there's a lot of website content elements where AI translation can fail: Buttons, links, "Submit," "Login," etc - those can be variables managed by Transcribe or Publisher.


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