Which config bootstrap options are available for ExpressionEngine? Which one works best in a multi server environment?

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I can recommend Focus Lab's EE Master Config. It's easy to set up and easy to add options to as needed and it is perfect for multi server environments.

I usually don't bother with the multi server set up, and am just building the site on a subdomain and then just transferring to the live domain. But even in this basic case, the master config makes going live quicker and easier.


Solutions mentioned in the thread are all nice, but I think you learn a lot by creating your own config bootstrap. To that end, I found the following resources can help a great deal:

Armed with those, it is easy to create bootstrap config files that will suit your needs.

  • I started with the NetTuts config file and have modified it to suit my needs over time. It's simple and doesn't try to do things I don't need. I also learned a lot more about hidden config variables this way. Commented Nov 27, 2012 at 11:32
  • I agree whole heartedly. It's the same as bootstrapping a site. Rather than pick Foundation or Twitter BS, extrapolate the parts you need and roll your own. Commented Jun 20, 2013 at 9:11

The NSM Bootstrap technique has never let us down in multi-server environments.

  • That's the one I use.
    – Tyssen
    Commented Nov 28, 2012 at 1:38

Many options are available as stated in other posts.

To add to that here is the default config.php & database.php file templates for ExpressionEngine we use.


I built my own config file, because I had a setup that most of the prebuilt configs didn't have... My normal setup is, Local, Staging (Located on subdirectory, inside a folder) and then Production.

A lot of hooks were added for NSM .htaccess, CE Image, CE Tweet etc...

Just pushed the latest version of it to my Github.



I'll second tidy's vote for the Focus Labs EE Master config. We are using it in a multi server deployment set up and it's awesome. Saves lots of time and I no longer worry about code deploying out with the wrong environment configs.


Agreed with building your own. I built my own then modified FL's EE Master Config to suit my needs. Super flexible and it is really nice having a plug-and-play EECMS install ready to be loaded on to any server.

If you are using multiple environments then use something like Deeploy Helper to get URL's/Paths stored in the DB updated when you migrate http://www.hopstudios.com/software/deeploy_helper


Focus Lab's Master Config also supports MSM (with the aid of this gist).

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