I have a problem that occasionally a <p> tag is being added to a table cell, usually when someone pastes something into it.

Is there a way to remove that <p> and just have the cell be an empty <td> or <th>, ideally without editing the source?

Is there an option that could be added through the advanced settings?

  • When they're pasting, do they use the "paste as plain text" option? Jan 16, 2013 at 12:10

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If the reason is appearance, you can remove any margin/padding formatting with css, like:
table p {padding:0; margin:0}
Or you can add specific classes to the styling menu of wygwam for tables, for a more fine grained control over styling tables.


what about using one of the HTML stripper add-ons?

You can find quite a few here on Devot:ee.


I doubt you can do it easily. A custom extension to parse the text on submission might do it, but the issue is CKEditor forces <p> tags around pretty much every inline element. You're better off just leaving it and changing the styles like GDMac suggested.

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