I have a client site running on a legacy version of EE1.x, it's pretty old and they have no desire to upgrade to EE 2.x as it does the job just fine as is.

They have a MSM license associated with the site and as such can run up to 3 sites off the one install - at present they are running 3 sites but wish to add another.

This is a simple job, very much a copy/paste on the existing sites to create a new one for a slightly different target audience - however I'm not sure if I can even buy a new EE1.x MSM site license - the EE store does not appear to be happy with me trying to do so...

Does anyone know if Ellis Lab are still selling EE1.x MSM site licenses?

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Yes. Just email them at sales@ellislab.com. It requires an "upgrade" of the MSM license I believe. Then you can add licenses. (But they can confirm or correct this information for you.)

For future reference (for anyone reading this): these types of questions are probably not well suited for StackExchange. Just shoot EllisLab an email so you can get an answer directly from the source. Both sales@ellislab.com and team@ellislab.com get to them I believe.

  • Cheers Erik - I did ping them an email but no reply as of yet and I wondered if anyone else had been along the same path. You're right though - prob not the ideal question for SE. :) Jan 16, 2013 at 16:02
  • FYI: Transpires that the EE1.x MSM upgrade process on the EE store was borked in some fashion. I got an email from Kevin Smith to let me know that it's now fixed. Jan 16, 2013 at 18:58

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