My new member notifications are not being sent even though I have my email and notifications set to YES in the member prefs.

I CAN send emails through tools > communicate so I know email works.

I am using USER from solspace. I also tried MX Notify Control but that doesn't work either.

My new members have no activations required but I still want to be notified. What am I missing.

EE ver 2.5.5 User 3.4.0

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    Are you using Solspace's User 'Email(s) for Admin Notification on Profile Update' in the User Module interface or ExpressionEngines built in Notification Preferences? Jan 17 '13 at 16:47

so the notifications all came through, about 2 hours after they were submitted!!!

I was using the built in EE notifications of new members (not profile update)

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    I'm going to assume you are using SMTP mail option. Cause I think with PHP mail, if it can't communicate with the server, it doesn't try again, but I could be wrong. But yeah, sometimes mail doesn't go out immediately. I just setup Mandrill, mandrill.com, for a client and now plan to use it on all our set-ups. It tells you what's happening to CMS sent mail. So it would have told you of a potential soft bounce couldn't communicate with server. You replace SMTP server configuration with its SMTP info, and wall. It's beautiful, black hole of CMS email has a light turned on. Jan 17 '13 at 19:15

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