After getting files properly indexed on the backend, how can they be displayed through a template on the front-end using the two assets:folders and assets:files?

If the file structure looks like this on the server:
Folder A
- file1
- file2
- Folder B
-- file3
-- file4
--- Folder C
---- file5
---- file6

... and was indexed with Assets, using their tags how could I display that in an unordered nested list? Th example on their site with folders and files is close, but isn't nested. The end goal is a browsable download page with EE goodness. If not, is there a better way with navigation, maybe like their backend?

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Assets 2.1 is out and for me it works like this:

    {exp:assets:folders parent_folder="{filedir_}"}
            {if total_subfolders}
                {exp:assets:files folder_id="{folder_id}"}
                        <li><a href="{url}">{if title != ""}{title}{if:else}{filename}{/if} ({size})</a></li>
  • Yes, I was all over the 2.1 update. Thanks!
    – Blair
    Apr 15, 2013 at 16:54

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