Can I have separate add-ons installed for each site when using MSM?

For instance, for an EE install using MSM:

  • One or more sites within the EE install will use Transcribe for localization.
  • One or more sites within the EE install will not have localization

If possible, I'd like to avoid having Transcribe enabled for a site with no localization.

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None of the exp_extensions, exp_fieldtypes, or exp_modules tables have a site_id column, so no - enabled for one site is enabled for all sites.

But Dom is right - good add-ons will have settings per-site, which in most cases should prevent any issues with having add-ons enabled on sites where you don't need them.


Addons are available to all sites in an MSM install, however they can have per-site preferences (that's up to the developer). Your best bet would probably be to contact the Transcribe devs to clarify the addon's MSM functionality and whether it's possible to have a mixture of localised and non-localised sites running from a single EE install.

  • Understood. My question was more "Can site A have matrix, transcribe and fiction module abc add-ons enabled, while Site B has matrix, seo and fiction module xyz add-ons enabled". Does that distinction make senes?
    – fideloper
    Commented Jan 21, 2013 at 19:03
  • 1
    Addons are enabled globally and not on a per-site basis. Developers can build in code to enable site-specific features if they want to (and in theory this could include a per-site on/off switch), which is why I suggested contacting the Transcribe devs.
    – Dom Stubbs
    Commented Jan 22, 2013 at 9:35

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