If I had a folder with a series of subfolders that matched the username, could I show those files to that specific user? Looking to try making a download portal, but the files are not small enough to be uploaded through PHP. Example:

File Manager Settings:


Assets Folder tag: parent_folder="{filedir_x}"

But I wanted to show a single folder in the files directory:


Assets Folder tag: parent_folder="{filedir_x}{username}"

The entire tag would look like this:

{exp:assets:folders parent_folder="{filedir_20}admin" recursive="yes"}
        {exp:assets:files folder_id="{folder_id}"}
            <li><a href="{url:huge}" target="_blank">{if title != ""}{title}{if:else}{filename}{/if}</a></li>

Using just {filedir_x} worked, but adding {filedir_x}{username} did not. Is it possible without using entries and just the two Assets tags? And I would assume from previous posts that if it could, it would show all files as a flat list, and not nested within subfolders?

  • Blair, I'm curious if you successfully got this working. I'm looking into doing something very similar. Also, if you were able to get this up and running can you confirm if the {exp:assets:files} tag output indeed produced a flat list and not nested subfolders. Thanks. Aug 5, 2013 at 21:50
  • Posted the answer below, hope it helps!
    – Blair
    Aug 6, 2013 at 2:06

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when Expression Engine calls Assets module tags, {username} is still just a string saying "{username}" (see Low's excellent overview for parse order - http://bit.ly/UwfZE2). You'll have to get the username using a different approach - probably by using PHP on Input.


(To answer a request on what I did) I used a list of folder that .load a template of files like so:

URL: site.com/downloads/me/blair Username is required in the URL so the segment variable can be used to parse early enough. logged_in_username won't work alone. There are addons to get around this, might do that in the future, but I couldn't find a native EE way.

File Directory: home

- blair
- - Folder 1
- - - file1
- - - file2
- - - file3
- - Folder 2
- - - file4


  {exp:assets:folders parent_folder="{filedir_29}{segment_3}" recursive="no"}
    <a href="{path='downloads/_assets'}/{folder_id}/{username}">{folder_name}</a>
    {if total_subfolders}

Files: URL: site.com/downloads/me/1234 (folder id)

{exp:assets:files folder_id="{segment_3}"}
    {exp:link_vault:download_link file_path='{server_path}' text="{filename}"}
      {!-- File display stuff --}
      {!-- Ex: --}
      {server_path} - {filename}...etc. 

I also have some protection, such as wrapping it in a {if segment_3 !=""} so it won't show every single folder (kaboom!) and {if segment_3 != logged_in_username}. We've also added member_group=="1" to that last conditional so we can check other users list of files quickly, and we don't run a public system to worry about security, all campus internal stuff. Link vault to track downloads and there's another template to post files publicly that does need link limitations & hiding. enter image description here

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