Is it possible to limit the amount of entries that a user can post. For example, if users are posting entries to a channel via a safecracker form, can I limit them to a single entry?

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How would you want to enforce the limit? You could use a query tag at the top of the Safecracker form:

{exp:query sql="Select count(*) 'number_posts' from exp_channel_titles where author_id='{member_id}'"}
    {if number_posts == 1}{/if}

And within that query, you could do a redirect, display a message, or wrap the whole form in a conditional that wouldn't display it if the user had > 1 result.

You could also only enable the form if number_posts < 1, and then in the else case redirect to an edit form for their single entry.

(Might not be the right syntax for author/member -- You'll need to look up the actual tags for those.)


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