Is there a way to sync a google docs spreadsheet to a certain channel in ExpressionEngine. I know this might be way advanced, and the main problem i see is maintaining unique entry_id when a google row is updated or moved.

Has anyone worked on this, and can possibly share some tips, information or even code?

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These links might help you:



With DataGrab, you can point to a URL to import from. I've successfully imported directly by using the following URL pattern


With Datagrab you can use any column as a 'primary key' for updates. Ensure on your spreadsheet side you have a unique key in one of the columns and ensure you import this as well (e.g. ImportID).


I'd suggest exporting the data from Google as an CSV file and importing with the Datagrab addons.

Summary of features

Import data from RSS/ATOM feeds, CSV files and XML files. Other datatypes can be added.
Map data values to a channel’s custom fields
Assign categories to each entry
Assign entries to an author
Imports can be saved and re-run — ideal for a tumblelogr
Entries can be updated if the source data changes — keep data synchronised

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