I am passing a pipe-delimited list of entry ids into a standard channel entries tag:




I only get 3 results returned, with the second 149 ignored. There seems to be some filter stripping it out. I have gone through the docs but I have not found any parameter along the lines of allow_duplicates="".

How can I make the channel entries tag return the same entry twice if I explicitly request it by entry id?

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    You could always use more than one channel:entries loop right? Feb 11, 2013 at 21:27

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You can't. The channel:entries tag will always return unique/distinct entries. No way around it.


A more advanced approach, but your best bet might be to use Stash - stash that entry in your logic template, then use it more than once if needed in the wrapper template. Since you're trying to return a duplicate entry, you may need to also stash the entry ID or something so you can use it in your wrapper template to target it distinctly. For a primer on template partials using Stash, have a look at Adrienne Travis' article on eeinsider.


You could loop through the values you're using to create the pipe-delimited list and call exp:channel:entries for each hit.

I tried getting all rows in SQL, so you could use exp:query and pass each entry_id into an embed, but SQL only returns the distinct rows as well, seemingly no matter what you throw at it.

Select entry_id from exp_channel_titles t where entry_id in (1, 2, 3, 1)

If you do pull each entry individually in a loop, consider making it a plugin or using exp:query to optimize things.

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