I have a safecracker form that uses a number of third-party fieldtypes. The fieldtypes all require their own external javascript and css files. On what looks like a simple form the combined fields use approximately 30 asset files that add up to around 900 kb which isn't ideal.

Is there a good way to optimise this? My current thinking is to use the include_jquery="no" and safecracker_head="no" parameters and manually include the asset files and combine and minify using Minimee. However this isn't ideal as I'll need to reexamine all the assets files whenever an add-on is updated.

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There is no solution to this currently. The best route to optimization is what you're doing already. Carry-on!

  • Ha ha, thanks Derek. That's what I've done. I was able to reduce it to 4 external files and about 240kb once combined, minified and gzipped.
    – Dylan
    Feb 20, 2013 at 1:37

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