After saving an extension's settings, EE by default redirects you to the Extensions landing page. I want to keep the user in the extension settings after saving but also use EE's flashdata.

The below code is in my save_settings method.

$this->EE->session->set_flashdata('message_success', $this->EE->lang->line('preferences_updated'));

Does anyone know why set_flashdata does not seem to work after the redirect where in Module settings this does?

I've also looked into this help request: displaying a flash message after redirect

  • Shot in the dark - try an exit() after your redirect? Feb 13, 2013 at 13:16

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To do that you'll have to, I think, create the custom settings form for the extension. Once you have that, you'll also have to run custom processing so you'll have complete control of the redirect. Take a look at the extension docs for details. For a complete example, take a look at the EE Debug Toolbar settings code.

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