I have a trainer directory that seemed to be displaying fine but now I have more than 1 entry it will just display the content for trainer1 even if im on the page for trainer2.

So /personal-trainer-directory/trainer3/ is displaying the content for /personal-trainer-directory/trainer1/ even though the URL says /personal-trainer-directory/trainer3/

here is how i have the template file setup. It’s a directory template file with Trainer Directory Search, Trainers Page, Gym Directory Search, Gyms Page:

{if segment_2 =="personal-trainer-directory" AND segment_3 ==""}
trainer search page
trainers page

{if:elseif segment_2 =="gym-directory" AND segment_3 ==""}
gyms search page
gyms page

Here is the code for trainers page: http://d.pr/n/OXg0 its a bit long so uploaded to droplr.

Been trying to figure this out for a couple hours and a bit stumped

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Unless you are manually coding the url's, you want to remove the dynamic='no' parameter. This will allow either the entry_id or url_title to be used to pull the correct record. Dynamic 'no' overrides that, and requires that you tell the page, where to pull data to display a record entry.


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