I am filtering a list of entries using an {if…} conditional, but the exp:entries tag outputs the count for the total number of entries before the conditional is applied. And as I am using pagination I end up with a wrong number of pages. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to fix this?

My code looks something like this:

   {exp:user:users group_id="9|10|11" orderby="lastname" sort="asc" limit="300" paginate="bottom" }

    {if location_area =="{segment_3}"}

Page {user_current_page} of {user_total_pages}   {user_pagination_links}


As you can see I'm using the Solspace User addon.

Thanks for any help.


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You'll want to change your conditional to be a search parameter filter.

{exp:user:users ... search:location_area="{segment_3}"
  • Glad to hear it! Please be sure to mark this answer as the solution. Feb 13, 2013 at 20:05

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