Is there a way to allow logged in users to search on the front-end by ID number?

I’ve got a list of entries here (http://dev.andover-tc.gov.uk/allotments/maintenance).

What I need to do is setup the search box at the top of the page to allow logged in users to type an entry_id number in and only that entry be displayed.

I’m thinking I may be able to use the URL to control this (i.e. allotments/maintenance/147) but can’t work out how to take the data from an input field and use this to create a URL.

Alternatively, if there’s an easier way I’m open to that too.

Thanks in advance,


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You could use EvoPost to take the submitted value and send the user to a link. I wrote up a blog post about doing that here. But essentially you'll create your form and have the action url for that form go to a template in your site that has the following or similar code:


And voila you'll be pulling up the correct entry.

Hope this helps.


You could use something like Mo Variables to access $_GET, then do something like this in your 'search' template:


Then just have your search form do this:

<form action="pathto/quicksearch-template" method="get">
  <input type="text" name="entry_id">

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