ExpressionEngine 2.5.3
PT Fieldpack 1.0.3
Matrix 2.4.3

Maybe I'm going crazy, but PT Checkboxes seems to be showing labels for the value instead of the value. My {winner} fieldtype is structured like this:

one : 1st Place
two : 2nd Place
three : 3rd Place

It shows like this in the Publish form:

x 1st Place
x 2nd Place
x 3rd Place

However, {winner} returns 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place in the template. {winner:label} returns one, two, three. Isn't that backwards?

Additionally, I'm having the same issue with PT multi-select. It saves the appropriate value to the DB, but I have no way of displaying it.

Code Added

     {exp:channel:entries channel="awards" dynamic="no" limit="1"  disable="categories|category_fields|member_data|pagination"} 
        <p>Value: {award-highlight}<br/> Label: {award-highlight:label}</p> 
  • Hey Matt, can you add your template code in its entirely please? And what version of the Field Pack are you running?
    – Lisa
    Commented Feb 20, 2013 at 1:25

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Here's the right code for what you want, and will give you the customization you need. This is from the PT Checkbox docs included in the download for the FieldPack. I didn't actually see a reference to the :label argument in our docs for Checkbox (though 'tis there for other addons, such as the Dropdowns). So do please use the variable pair approach:

    {option_name}: {option}<br />
<hr />

{pt_check} is my checkbox field. So if you're doing this in Matrix, you'll have that inside of your Matrix variable pair.


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