Trying to use the tag pair feature of pt_multiselect (1.0.3 installed on EE 2.5.5) and it doesn't seem to be working correctly

When used as a single tag I get a list of the selected options, however when used as a tag pair so we can tailor the output (and create links) nothing is shown



Doesn't work:

    <li><strong><a href="{option}">{option_name}</a></strong></li>

The list of data in the admin is formatted correctly with a a colon delimiting the name and the label and is showing fine in the content add / edit screen.


/asia_pacific/index : Asia Pacific About
/asia_pacific/people : Asia Pacific People
/asia_pacific/locations : Asia Pacific Locations
/asia_pacific/history : Asia Pacific History
/asia_pacific/showcases : Asia Pacific Showcases
/asia_pacific/expertise : Asia Pacific Expertise
/asia_pacific/partners : Asia Pacific Partners
/asia_pacific/contact : Asia Pacific Contact
/northern_europe/index : Northern Europe About
/northern_europe/people : Northern Europe People
/northern_europe/locations : Northern Europe Locations
/northern_europe/history : Northern Europe History
/northern_europe/showcases : Northern Europe Showcases
/northern_europe/expertise : Northern Europe Expertise
/northern_europe/partners : Northern Europe Partners
/northern_europe/contact : Northern Europe Contact
/southern_europe/index : Southern Europe About
/southern_europe/people : Southern Europe People
/southern_europe/locations : Southern Europe Locations
/southern_europe/history : Southern Europe History
/southern_europe/showcases : Southern Europe Showcases
/southern_europe/expertise : Southern Europe Expertise
/southern_europe/partners : Southern Europe Partners
/southern_europe/contact : Southern Europe Contact
/north_america/index : North America About
/north_america/people : North America People
/north_america/locations : North America Locations
/north_america/history : North America History
/north_america/showcases : North America Showcases
/north_america/expertise : North America Expertise
/north_america/partners : North America Partners
/north_america/contact : North America Contact

I know this is an oldish plugin but it is somewhat useful and would be great to get it working.

I've tried a more simple list of


Which again works as a single tag to output a list of the selected items, but doesn't work in a tag pair loop.

Any help or suggestions on this are much appreciated.

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Try grabbing the latest version of P&T Fieldpack from github. It's now up to version 1.1. I just tried it with your values and it's working fine with the tag pair. If that doesn't work please post more of your template.

  • Thought that 1.0.3 was the latest and greatest, thanks for the tip Mar 8, 2013 at 12:48

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