I have the following code on a listings page that is meant to display linked events that occur in the future.

{reverse_related_entries weblog="events" sort_by="date" show_expired="no"}
    {if count==1}
    <div id="upcomingevents">
        <dl class="meta">
            <dt>Upcoming Events</dt>

        <dd><a href="/events/{entry_date format="%Y/%m/%d"}">{title}</a></dd>
{if count==total_results}</dl></div>{/if}

The problem is that ALL linked events are being displayed, even those that have expired (as in the expired date is in the past)

My version is 1.7.1


The {reverse_related_entries} does support only 6 parameters of weblog, status, sort, orderby, offset, limit.

So "show_expired" parameter will not work here.

In that case I always prefer to use Playa but never tried with EE v1.6+.

I think, you are populating a single weblog entry and would like to show all the parents weblogs with {reverse_related_entries} tag.

Below is the example code with query module:

{exp:query sql="SELECT exp_weblog_titles.entry_id AS EntryID, exp_weblog_titles.title AS EntryTitle, exp_weblog_titles.url_title AS URLTitle FROM exp_weblog_titles 
LEFT JOIN exp_relationships ON exp_relationships.rel_parent_id=exp_weblog_titles.entry_id
WHERE exp_relationships.rel_child_id='{entry_id}' 
AND exp_weblog_titles.status='open' 
AND exp_weblog_titles.entry_date >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) 
ORDER BY exp_weblog_titles.entry_date DESC"}

{EntryID} || {EntryTitle} || {URLTitle}


Note in above code, {entry_id} in WHERE condition which the entry_id of child weblog and this code will replace the {reverse_related_entries} tag so {entry_id} of child weblog will be checked.

I didn't test this code but hoping it would work fine. Also, if you would like to fetch other fields, you need put with the SELECT statement.

  • Thanks, Bashkar. So do you have any suggestions on how I could filter out the expired entries? Mar 14 '13 at 3:47
  • Martin, let me see if I can find any solution for it, sure I 'll update here. Mar 14 '13 at 12:12
  • It would also be fantastic if you could upvote my question. I'm finding it very frustrating that I cannot upvote people's answers because I am new on the site :-) and haven't reached my 15 reputation yet. Mar 14 '13 at 17:58
  • See the updated answer. Mar 14 '13 at 19:10

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