Using assets in a Matrix field, and would like to display 'no results' if a file has not been uploaded for that particular field. Like so...

{exp:channel:entries....etc} {matrix_field} {field_1} {field_2}

{if asset_field}
    No Files


I've tried various combinations of using total_results and changing where the conditional is, complex/simple. Can't seem to find the right combination that works with both cases. Is there a no_results tag? What's the proper way to do this?

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I just did a quick setup to test. My matrix tag pair is test_matrix. My Assets column is matrix_assets

{exp:channel:entries limit="2"}
<h1>{title}, {entry_id}</h1>
{if matrix_assets == ""}nada{/if}
{if matrix_assets != ""}stuff{/if}

I did that with two entries, one with that column populated, one without. This was the output of that template:

testing matrix assets - has no file, 15

testing matrix assets - results, 14


So you can see the conditionals there are working. Can you give that type of approach a shot?

  • I'm not sure what was going on earlier, but that did do it, as it should have!
    – Blair
    Mar 14, 2013 at 5:59

You can accomplish this one of two ways...

{if file}{file}{if:else}no results{/if}

Or, if you're trying to show the "no results" if no matrix rows exist, you could do this...

{if total_rows == "0"}no results{/if}

or this...

{if matrix_field == ""}no results{/if}

Let me know if you have questions!

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