I want to uninstall Structure on a site. The navigation rarely ever changes, so a dynamically generated menu isn't necessary; the people maintaining the site have some knowhow, and content is used in multiple places; and finally, I want to use EE's inbuilt Pages module but I don't know that I can with Structure installed.

Other than hardcoding the navigation, and then making sure to set all "static" pages as Pages, what else do I need to do, to uninstall Structure?

I'm running EE 2.5.3, Structure 3.3.6.

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You can't use the native Pages module with Structure installed. You'll need to uninstall Structure before installing Pages.

I'd suggest making these change in a dev environment to CYA.

There shouldn't be anything more to do then uninstalling Structure, installing Pages, mapping URLs into Pages, setting up navigation, reworking anything in the templates as needed.

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    Yep - all being done in a dev environment, most definitely. Thank you for the information! (Structure is great...just not for our purposes. It does too much that isn't needed, and changes too much of the back-end workflow. Hence the need to uninstall.)
    – user800
    Mar 14, 2013 at 17:04

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