Does anyone know of a plugin to show the latest few Disqus comments that have been made across the entire site. Disqus seems to have deprecated their recent comments widget.


CX Disqus Comments and Disqus both have the ability to sync/store native comments on your EE site. Once you have the Disqus comments synced into EE, you can use comment tags to display recent comments across the entire site:

{exp:comment:entries sort="asc" limit="5" dynamic="no"}
        <p>By {name} on {comment_date format="%Y %m %d"}</p>
  • Both CX Comments and Disqus comments don't currently support oAuth so you would only be able to use either of those plugins if you have a legacy forum that allows you to authorize your app based upon your user credentials. – Justin Long Apr 11 '13 at 8:38

I found that even though they don't provide the JS widget any more, they do still work.



You simply copy the following code where you want

<div id="recentcomments" class="dsq-widget"><script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourshortname.disqus.com/recent_comments_widget.js?num_items=5&hide_avatars=0&avatar_size=32&excerpt_length=200"></script></div>

For more details check link : http://www.growtechinfo.com/2012/12/add-disqus-recent-comment-widget-to.html


Take a look at CX Disqus Comments and Disqus. Disqus is free though CX Disqus Comments isn't. I'm not really sure if they do exactly what you're asking for but take a look.

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