I am using AB Pagination to paginate news stories. When I click the numbered (and the next and previous) links, the URI segment is /P10, /P20, /P30. I would like the URI segment to be /P1, /P2, /P3. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, how could I implement this?

Here is the channel entry tag I am using:


and here is the pagination code I am using:

    <ol class="page-list group__title">
        {if abp_has_previous}
            <li><a href="{abp_previous_link}"><</a></li>
            {if abp_is_current}
                <li><a class="is-active">{abp_num}</a></li>
                <li><a href="{abp_link}">{abp_num}</a></li>
        {if abp_has_next}
            <li><a href="{abp_next_link}">></a></li>

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ExpressionEngine uses the data from the pagination segment as an offset, not a "page number", per se. So even if you could change the values to P1, P2, etc, they would then yield incorrect results (if you wish to use EE's built-in dynamic pagination that is).


Code Igniter framework actually enables such option:

$config['use_page_numbers'] = TRUE;

and it works, but I don't know whether it's compatible with AB Pagination. If not, then well, shame on'em.

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