I've run into this before - and have never found a 'great' solution. The crux of my problem is that I need to document some EE tags, using content in a channel entry.

For example, I'd like to output something like:




The issue is, that of course, EE htmlentifies the curly brackets, so what I end up with is:




I've tried using CE Str (awesome plugin by the way) to decode these html entities, which it does - flawlessly. However, at that point, due to what I'm assuming is a parse order issue - EE then tries to process those tags rather than just outputting them.

In the past, the only solution I have found required including PHP in my templates which is not really an option anymore. I've tried knocking out a quick plugin - but have had no luck.

Any ideas would be wildly appreciated.

I'm hoping there is some magic addon like:


But so far, I cannot find it - and maybe I am just searching for the wrong keywords.



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I just saw your question, and decided to release an add-on I wrote a few years ago for my own documentation: CE Highlight.

The add-on has the ability to optionally style the output, use line numbers, highlight specific lines, and a few other things. It leverages Geshi for the heavy lifting. I hope that helps!

  • Aaron, Jess and Justin - thank you all so much for taking the time to answer. I think all THREE answers will get me exactly what I need, and I'm not sure I can actually mark three as "Correct Answer" - so I am going to mark Aaron's as so, because, well, he released a freakin' addon! Love this community. You all rock and I will buy you each a cocktail the next time we are near a bar at the same time. Commented Mar 20, 2013 at 20:19

You can wrap your code in [code]{ee_tag_here}[/code] and that should output <code>{ee_tag_here}</code> into your template.


I think you can try Template Code from Rob Sanchez for this. Not sure if it still works with latest EE versions, but you might be able to update it.


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