Is there a way to configure the Assets file browser in a SafeCracker form to only show assets for the currently logged-in member?


Assets 2.1 is easily hackable, here's what you can do to restrict the file browser to the currently logged-in member's (standard ExpressionEngine) assets only:

First, add a 'member_id' column to the assets_files table:

ALTER TABLE  `exp_assets_files` ADD  `member_id` INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NULL

Modify assets/sources/base_source.php (line 605) to add the member_id to the db table:

'file_name' => $filename,
'member_id' => $this->EE->session->userdata('member_id'), // Add 'member_id' to database
'kind' => Assets_helper::get_kind($filename)

Finally, modify assets/libraries/assets_lib.php (line 712) to limit the display of files to the currently logged in member only:

Change this existing line:

$this->EE->db->where_in('exp_assets_files.folder_id', $full_folder_list);

To this:

$this->EE->db->where_in('exp_assets_files.folder_id', $full_folder_list)->where('member_id', $this->EE->session->userdata('member_id'));
  • I wonder if there are hooks available that would allow this to be implemented via another addon...
    – Ian Pitts
    May 26 '13 at 18:25

No, not yet, sorry Roger. We do have something planned for that, but I can't make any promises regarding ETA.

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