I am trying to reference an image field from blog posts (blog channel) to display on a staff profile page (pages channel).

On the blog post there is a matrix field "blog_smile":

  • Column 1: blog_smile_ortho (playa field - used to assign the staff member)
  • Column 2: blog_smile_image (assets field - to assign image)

How could I be on the profile page and say:

  1. Go look at the blog channel,
  2. Look in the matrix field "blog smile" and find "blog_smile_ortho" entries that are the same entry id as the profile page you're on
  3. Then get the "blog_smile_image" file from that same matrix field
  4. And repeat this process up to 6 times working back from todays date.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


This is possible, but limiting the output to just the last 6 photos is going to require some PHP in your template. So first go into your template’s preferences and enable PHP on Output.

Here’s the template code:

{exp:channel:entries channel="pages" ... }

    {!-- start the counter --}
    <?php $count = 0; ?>

    {!-- find the blog entries relating to this profile page --}
    {exp:playa:parents channel="blog"
                       orderby="date" sort="desc"

        {!-- find the Matrix rows relating to this profile page --}
        {blogpost:blog_smile search:blog_smile_ortho="[{entry_id}]"}

            {!-- loop through the Assets images --}

                {!-- increase the counter --}
                <?php $count++ ?>

                {!-- only show this image if it’s within the first 6 --}
                <?php if ($count <= 6): ?>
                    <img src="{blogpost:url}" width="{blogpost:width}" height="{blogpost:height}">
                <?php endif ?>





Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Brandon. could I use the {exp:playa:parents ...}{/exp:playa:parents} further up the page too to assign a class of hide to the div if there are no results? What conditional would be best? Thanks for all your help. Apr 3 '13 at 15:06
  • Just wrap the whole thing with {if '{exp:playa:total_parents channel="blog" ...}'} ... {/if}. Use all the same parameters as your {exp:playa:parents} tag. Apr 3 '13 at 16:12

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