I'm working my way through customising system notifications - new blog post etc.

If I send my HTML through the tools > communicate option it comes through looking fine. If I send it as a regular notification via LibraEE is comes through with a bunch of <br> tags all through it. Sometimes 8 <br> in a row. And sometimes it's adding in <td><br></td>.

LibrarEE has a preview function and the email looks fine there.

Can anyone suggest where to go to try and find where to resolve this issue?



LibrarEE 1.0.5

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To fix this - turn off the setting for :

Enable parsing of HTML user notification emails

This will fix the issue.



  • Hi Carl, That did fix the <br> issue but it seems I can't used GVs anymore - is that expect behaviour? Commented Apr 4, 2013 at 8:11

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