I'm using assets to take care of images In the view of assets all thumnails of png and gif's don't show only the jpg's

Assets printscreen

I tried to see if it would work with the EE file upload and there it works fine

EE image upload

Is there a setting I should enable that i have missed or is this a bug?

EDIT: i forgot to say that when viewing the image of png or jpg with their tag in the template then they show correctly



Can you send an email to support@pixelandtonic.com referencing this question and include one of the images that don't render for you?

I can't reproduce this on my local Assets install.

Thanks, Andris

  • This was caused by .htaccess killing all index.php requests - fixed by adding an exception for index.php requests with ACT get parameter set. – Andris Sevcenko Apr 5 '13 at 7:40
  • ah, that would have been a hard one to pinpoint so glad Andris was able to help out and get to the root cause. :) – Ian Apr 5 '13 at 17:59
  • Can you clarify what your .htaccess looks like now? – Seth Burnett Aug 24 '15 at 23:11

It's worth checking that the /system/expressionengine/cache/ directory is writable (777 permissions) and that you have the GD/GD2 library installed. Place a phpinfo.php file in the site root and view it's output to check.

  • I have checked everything is writable to 777 and i see the assets/thumbs but nothing in there... also this is the phpinfo gives me this : GD Support enabled, GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible) – Visual Apr 4 '13 at 8:33

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