I am working on a client site and they have a search form which we are using Low Search for. Two current search fields for keywords and topics (a Playa field) work fine.

I am working on the third field where we need to filter by the position (text input) field of a related employee (Playa field).

Here is the code I currently have:

<select id="position" name="child:news_related_employees[]">
    <option value="">All</option>
    {exp:query sql="SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(entry_id) AS entry_ids, field_id_34 AS p_position FROM exp_channel_data WHERE field_id_34 != '' GROUP BY field_id_34 ORDER BY field_id_34 ASC"}
    <option value="{entry_ids}">{p_position}</option>

The query works fine, I get a comma separated list of entry_ids per unique position, however the form does not return any results. I assume that's because it is trying to match the entire string of entry_ids to an employee in the Playa field.

Can anyone shed some light on this or know of a way to do what we need? Thanks.

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Low Search expects a pipe | as a value separator. You can define that in the GROUP_CONCAT clause of your query. So try this:

GROUP_CONCAT(entry_id SEPARATOR '|') AS entry_ids

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